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Case: Uncommon Goods

Client slogan: Discover hand-picked, creative designs by independent artists and makers.
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The Client

Uncommon Goods is an American online and catalog retailer that connects makers and their creations with shoppers looking for truly unique goods based in Brooklyn.

It is one of B Lab's Best for the World in the Community offering remarkable designs by independent makers, with a positive impact on both people and our planet.

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Site Speed Consulting services

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Technologies used

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Webpack

The Challenge

We were asked to improve their web app's Core Web Vitals: https://www.uncommongoods.com/ in all its aspects.

Our assessment found room for improvement in the following Page Speed metrics: FCP, LCP, CLS and FID.

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Our Solution

First, we conducted an audit of their home page, categories, and products.

The client gave us ownership over some of the updates: as a result we created a full document with many optimization ideas.

The site was created using HTML, CSS, Javascript technologies using Angular as a framework to organize the logic of their site regarding the User Interface layer.

We use different analytics tools such as the webpack bundle analyzer and new algorithms to improve the build process such as the brotli compression algorithm and best practices to improve site performance.

As a result of our work we achieved improvements in their metrics-objectives of page load speed. They went from failing 3/4 web vitals to passing ¾ , fulfilling the initial objective of the client, which was to improve these metrics and bring them to globally accepted values.

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Client testimonial:

“Thanks to Commit Studio's optimization strategy, the client's web app has passed the site speed metrics. Their mobile home page has also passed for the first time, and the client is expecting the other pages to follow soon.”

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