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Case: Sanno

Client slogan: Find out the causes of your gut health problems and with proper care.
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The Client

Sanno is a health tech startup that takes care of people who suffer from gut health issues.

Based in London, they run a pre-diagnosis and provide a toolkit of virtual guidance with personalized recommendations through an app. Users can also connect with clinicians and follow clinical protocols targeted at managing gut health issues.

The Sanno App allows users to predict, prevent, and monitor their health, through different features targeting gut diseases.

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Mobile App. Website with fully configurable backend.

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Technologies used

React Native, Next.js, Node.js, MySQL

The Challenge

By the time we connected with the client they already had a minimum viable product (MVP) and a strong vision of what they wanted the application to be at the end of its development. The client wanted to generate engagement and provide a safe and easy environment for users.

The main goal was to create an app that combined all the amazing content Sanno has to offer, including their program videos, 1:1 with clinicians, share their experience with the community and most importantly, track their health conditions.

An essential part of Sanno is to combat gut diseases by easily detecting any abnormalities based on the data obtained from the Sanno application for analysis and recommendations. For that reason, an easy-to-use tracking was a must for this project.


Our Solution

We used a range of techniques to gather data on the business and its customers through client kick-off meetings, past interview results and analysis of the competition.

Once we set up the content structure of the Sanno app, we designed the content and functionality in a wireframe that takes into account the user's needs and journey.

Then we applied a User Interface according to the desired look & feel: relaxed, friendly and elegant. To make identification between the different Sanno features easy and intuitive, we selected specific graphics for each feature.

As for app development tools, we used React Native to create the interface and developed the backend with Node.js. The mobile app was developed for Android and iOS platforms. We used axios as the communication tool between the front and backend and MySQL as a database. Moreover, we integrated NodeBB to handle the chat-forum and hosted the project on AWS.

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From a development and design point of view our team knew that this app would have to start with a certain amount of features and then evolve and scale with a user-centric approach.


  • Programs: Videos
  • Resources: Podcast
  • Community: Chat
  • Profile: Medical history

The app is subscription-based, where users can select their favorite recipes and discover additional content such as podcasts by following the resources section. The app also offers a free trial, no credit card needed, with limited access to content.

In addition, our developers built the backend of the platform as a CMS (content management system) where administrators without technical knowledge can upload new content daily without the intervention of developers.

The resulting mobile app is easy to use and provides a great user experience, allowing clients to follow the programs using videos, audios, and resources.

Client testimonial:

“The Commit team understood our vision since the very beginning and successfully implemented the UI and frontend for the desired user journeys. The team also set a good foundation for the backend considering our business needs. I would like to highlight the great team’s spirit and strong commitment with the project.”

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Company position: CEO, SANNO

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