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Case: Prestable

Client slogan: Explore the market and access the best loans for you.
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The Client

Prestable is Latinoamerica's first marketplace of financial products. Users looking for a loan can search the website for the best options for them based on their credit history and other data they are asked for. Once they find the best financial institution for their loan the system connects both ends to complete the transaction.

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Full UI. Implementation of the UI in Laravel.

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Technologies used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel Blade pages.

The Challenge

We were asked to develop the UI of the responsive website. Prestable's team made a great job designing the web and giving us the necessary assets and user workflows. We finally had to integrate everything on Prestable's backend.


Our Solution

We were able to deliver a responsive website that covered all user workflow from user registration to loan search. We had to be very careful in crafting a perfect UI for any screen resolution since most of the client's users jump into the website from their mobile phones.

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Prestable solution image

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