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Case: Abya

Client slogan: Play the newest videogames on-demand by streaming them from the cloud to any device.
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The Client

ABYA, Inc. is a US-based company that designs, develops, and integrates technological components to create cloud-gaming solutions and is composed of a team of young engineers who all share a passion for technology and video games.

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Website with fully configurable backend. Desktop and Web app.

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Technologies used

Electron, Node.js, React.js, Tailwind

The Challenge

We had two different challenges. First, we had to create an amazing experience for their website. They needed something really impressive which let them precisely express their technology's capabilities.

Secondly, they had a great core solution to create a first-class cloud-gaming solution. They needed someone to put all that magic into a great, scalable, user-friendly platform capable of running their games on desktop.

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Our Solution

We created a Desktop and Web application using Electron that currently works on every OS and every Web Browser. Finally, we integrated different payment platforms for users to subscribe to their service.

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Client testimonial:

“Commit has been a strategic development partner for over 3 years who has provided excellent results both as developers and as web technologies specialists. Always listening to our special needs and counseling us on the best tech path to take for our client facing products.”

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Company position: CEO, ABYA TECH

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