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Case: Spacey

Client slogan: Fine art by top emerging artists at an affordable price and with trust.
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The Client

Spacey drops exclusive collections of limited-edition fine-art prints at affordable prices. It is a Direct-To-Consumer company as they handle all the operations from framing, packaging, authenticating, shipping and selling. Their innovative online-meets-offline approach combines scalable sales, curated experiences, and a program of one hundred Brand Ambassadors with +5M social fans. The founder is a former Brand Marketing and Media Executive, with degrees in Business, Fine Art, and Art History.

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Shopify theme design. Shopify Store configuration.

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Technologies used


The Challenge

Spacey required a well-designed e-commerce website that would help them grow and scale. They needed a website that would fit their business model and cater to the growing business needs. The company also wanted to complete site optimization for high-performance and efficiency.

They already had a Shopify Store running but only with a waiting list, so they needed some fresh design and a new fully responsive website for their customers.

The deadline was tough but we were committed to help them re-launch their website.

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Our Solution

We developed an aesthetically appealing and functional website that facilitated their scalability and business growth. This website provided a more stable and scalable solution that allowed them to extend their reach to different sales channels and marketplaces.

Spacey solution image
Spacey solution image

Our website design and optimization helped them in improving overall performance and efficiency.

The integration of third parties and apps with their website allowed better and seamless site operations. For example, we worked on a custom solution that allows them to deliver their art in different sizes and also as Artist's bundles.

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